Join us for the kickoff of the Subjects That Matters Most Series offered every other month in collaboration between the Global Rural Nursing Exchange Network (GRNEN) and the Rural Nurse Organization (RNO).


  •  Describe the impact of Covid-19 on nurses.
  • Identify key elements of a well-being self-assessment and plan for one change in your self care.
  • Recognize opportunities for growth in the midst of challenges during Covid-19.
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About the Speakers

A headshot of Jeffrey Leichter.

Jeffrey Leichter Ph.D., L.P.

Licensed Psychologist (Minnesota, Arizona, Michigan)
Lead Administrator, Behavioral Health Integration
Sanford Health Enterprise Clinic Services

Headshot of Rich Preussler

Rich Preussler, M.A., L.P.C.C.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (North Dakota)
Director of Patient and Community Education
Dept. Learning, Education, and Development (LEAD)
Human Resources
Sanford Health

Subjects That Matter Most Webinar Series

We invite you to participate in a shared experience as the Global Rural Nursing Exchange Network (GRNEN) brings forth the Subjects That Matter Most Series. This webinar series is designed to host speakers and content experts that provoke important discussions critical to rural nursing.