Our second webinar of the Subjects That Matters Most Series offered in collaboration between the Global Rural Nursing Exchange Network (GRNEN) and the Rural Nurse Organization (RNO).


  • Provide an overview of public health priorities during the pandemic.
  • Describe the role of public health nursing leadership in the community.
  • Apply the role of public health nursing to the education of the public during the Coronavirus pandemic.

About the Speaker

Headshot of Audrey Snyder

Audrey Snyder, PhD, RN, ACNP

is an associate professor and associate dean for Practice and Innovation in the School of Nursing at the University of Northern Carolina-Greensboro. Audrey’s clinical and research interests include nursing education, rural underserved populations and evaluating methods to improve access to care in the US and globally, emergency medicine, disaster preparedness, and response, engaging communities, and international health and nursing history. She is a dynamic education and healthcare professional, with 35 years as a nurse and 20 as a nurse practitioner. She is certified as an Acute Care and Family Nurse Practitioner and gained a Ph.D. in nursing from the University of Virginia in 2007. She is president of the International Rural Nurses Organization.

Subjects That Matter Most Webinar Series

We invite you to participate in a shared experience as the Global Rural Nursing Exchange Network (GRNEN) brings forth the Subjects That Matter Most Series. This webinar series is designed to host speakers and content experts that provoke important discussions critical to rural nursing.