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NEW: 2021-2022 Grant Presentation Webinars

Over the course of the past year, five different international collaboration groups have worked together on projects to foster global connections and deeper research in rural/remote healthcare communities.

Please see below for on-demand recordings of the first four presentations. The final presentation will be held on September 7th.  

Interactive Virtual Reality Engaging With a Rural Community to Enhance Local-Global Knowledge & Collaboration: The CHASE Model in Action
September 7, 5:00 PM Central
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In the highly innovative virtual reality modality New Zealand and Australian nursing students 'stand in the shoes' with the rural community people of Bishop's Castle, Shropshire, UK as they study and help address the community's mental health and social isolation needs. Being physically so remote to their target group enables these students to remain completely objective, yet through Virtual Reality gain a realistic understanding of the rural community context. This results in focused solutions and resources to the community's wellbeing needs.

The provision of healthcare within rural contexts remains a global challenge. Exposing nurse learners within these rural contexts is paramount for the future endeavors of rural health care. In parallel to these encounters and the residents who experience rural health issues are the similarities across the globe which we have been able to showcase between New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom. This project involved virtual connections between two international student nurse learners who were able to assess aspects of mental health issues and cultural differences amongst the youth associated with New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom. Aspects of this project was virtual presentations undertaken by both sets of nurse learners and feedback from the rural community in the United Kingdom.

Presentation will include: Description of partnering universities/institutions, Global Rural Encounters, Project Aims & Objectives, Project Plan, CHASE Model in Action, Project Evaluation using the CIPP Evaluation Model, Future Learnings.

Presenter: Professor Jean Ross, New Zealand


Webinar Archives

On-demand sessions previously recorded from our Subjects That Matter Most series.

Building Agility & Fostering Posttraumatic Growth in Rural Care Settings
Presenter: Dr. Tim Cunningham, RN, DrPH, FAAN
Learn about ideas, concepts and practices related to fostering well-being for caregivers and their teams, as well as agility tools designed to build professional resilience and foster space for compassion and love.

Global Rural Nurses: Story Telling
Facilitated by Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel
Listen as members of the GRNEN community shares their unique stories of inspiration and hope as we explore the challenges of nursing in rural settings.

A Global Rural Collaboration: Student Nurses Engaging with Community Health Assessment Sustainable Education (CHASE) Model to Reduce Health Disparities
Presenters: Jean Ross, RN, BN, PhD, FCNA and Keith Whiddon, B.Ed
This webinar promotes discussion about community development, models and strategies to reduce health disparities among participants.

Public Health Nursing's Role During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Presenter: Audrey Snyder, PhD, ,RN, ACNP
In collaboration with the Rural Nurse Organization (RNO), GRNEN shares this presentation to provide an overview of public health priorities during the pandemic, describe the role of public health nursing leadership in the community, and apply the role of public health nursing to education of the public during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Finding Your Wellbeing PPE (Personal Protective Emotions)
Presenter: Jeffrey Leichter, PhD, LP and Rich Preussler, MA, LPCC
This webinar addresses the impact of COVID-19 on nurses, identifies key elements of well-being and plan for one change in your self-care, and recognizes opportunities for growth in the midst of challenges during COVID-19.