The Global Rural Nursing Virtual Collaboration Learning Grant

2024 GRNVCLG Applications are Currently Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do both partners need to complete an application or do you submit one joint application?
    Partners should submit one joint application. Each partner will, however, be required to submit a letter of support from their respective nursing department.

  2. Applications must come from a nursing school/nursing program, correct?
    Yes. Applications are required to be submitted by faculty current working at nursing school for a university or institution of higher education.

  3. Are nurse preceptors able to apply for a grant if they are teaching students at their clinic?
    At this time, we only accept applications from nursing schools. Applicants must be nurse educators who are currently working at the nursing school.

  4. Does my partner have to be located in a different country?
    Yes. Only international partners will be considered.

  5. Can you provide an example of a successful program or project?
    Please take a look at our on-demand webinars page to view the final presentations from collaborations over the past two years.

  6. Are projects required to be a part of a classroom?
    By incorporating grant project in the classroom, students will have a heightened level of engagement as they participate in the project as part of their classroom grade. Research projects that solicit students to volunteer on the project may have challenges maintaining ongoing student engagement. Either project is acceptable as long as the nurse educators ensure ongoing student engagement and participation. 

  7. How have past applicants incentivized students?
    Nurse educators have budgeted grant dollars to incentivize students by offering a free course credit for their participation, offering a stipend for participation, and paying for meals and mileage during active project hours. Students have also been offered awards, certifications and recognition for their participation, as well as the opportunity to participate in capstones.

Watch our complete Pre-Application for tips and best practices on writing a successful application.

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