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Join Us for an Open Space Discussion on Research Topics

Starting in October 2021, the GRNEN will be hosting a virtual forum for nurse researchers to gather as a community of colleagues. In addition to the online community, this real-time discussion seeks to connect members interested in similar topics of research that focus on rural health.

GRNEN Membership: There is no formal membership application process and no cost to be a member of the GRNEN.


  • Provide a virtual space (platform) for researchers to discuss specific areas of research interest.
  • Connect nurse researchers improve communication on how to best approach a research topic that will improve heterogenous sampling and improve generalizability of rural nursing research.
  • Provide opportunities for seasoned and newer researchers to collaborate on research projects.
  • Facilitate opportunities to conduct global rural nursing research.
  • Encourage nurse researchers to broaden their perspective and research trajectory to have greater influence on rural health issues.

Upcoming Research Discussions

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Next Discussion: October 14, 2021

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Discussion Facilitator:

Pamela Steward Fahs

Editor, Online Journal for Rural Nursing

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