Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect nurses, students, educators, and researchers who share a passion for improving the health of rural communities and an appreciation for the role nurses play in serving these communities.  

We are driven by the belief that by uniting our community, and providing a platform for meaningful conversation, we will encourage global diversity and engage multiple perspectives to improve decision making and progress on issues that matter most to rural nurses and rural communities around the globe.

Our Vision

Rural and remote nurses around the globe are better equipped to improve the status of health and well-being in their communities.

Our Guiding Principals

GRNEN is guided by our belief in the following principals.

  • Technology is an effective and cost-efficient way to reimagine global exchanges, collaboration, and learning so it is easily accessible and useful for a larger audience.
  • Exposing students to rural and remote nursing opportunities early in their education is key to the future.
  • Multiple perspectives allow us to build strength from differences and benefit from better decision-making.
  • We are committed to opportunities that inspire students to become both global citizens and healthcare providers.
  • Leveraging the collective expertise and experience of our network will improve the care rural and remote nurses provide to their communities.
  • Every country has important lessons and knowledge to share regardless of economic or development status. Reverse innovation is just as valuable as innovation.