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Mental Health Series


Cultivating Emotional Wellness In Rural Communities
June 14, 2:00 PM Central
Presenter: Whitney Fear, PMHNP, Family HealthCare, Fargo, ND
Despite rural communities experiencing mental health and substance use issues at rates comparable to their urban counterparts, there exists a lack of the resources to match the needs of these communities. The National Rural Health Association has identified the following issues as contributing to the lack of comprehensive mental health services in rural areas: accessibility, availability, affordability and acceptability (Rural Health Information Hub, 2021). Residents of rural areas are no strangers to the experience of having less or none at all of what is available in urban areas in general. The tenacity of these rural communities to do much with less may be one of their greatest strengths. By identifying the most pressing needs of these rural communities, and tapping in to the resilience that already exists within the communities, health care/human service providers can begin to develop creative and effective solutions to serve these rural populations.


Question, Persuade, and Refer (QPR) Gatekeeper Webinar
July 13, 2:00 PM Central
Presenter: Dr. Tamara Keefner, Assistant Professor, University of South Dakota School of Nursing

The QPR class is named for three simple steps anyone can take to prevent suicide: question, persuade and refer. It provides participants with baseline knowledge that will help them confidently help someone in need. After taking our QPR training you will learn to:

  • Recognize the warning signs of suicide
  • Know how to offer hope
  • Understand when to get help and save a life

Much like someone trained in CPR can quickly save a life, knowing the skills this class teaches will make sure you are ready to assist those in need. This is a two-hour training program.

The webinar will be limited to 35 people and registrations will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the maximum attendance has been met, a waiting list will be created.


Mental Health Promotion and Psychosocial Support via AM/FM Radio Program in the Semi-Urban and Rural Province of Antique in the Philippines
August 9, 6:00 PM Central
Presented by: Mario Dimapilis, MHM, RN
In this webinar, one of the concept creators and hosts of the mental health promotion and psychosocial support via AM/FM radio program called “Kasulhayan” will share the background, the objectives, the preparations, and the running of this mental health radio program. The evaluation of this mental health nursing intervention will also be shared during the Zoom webinar. 


Psychologically Traumatic Experiences of Rural Registered Nurses Who Live and Work in the Same Community
September 21, 3:30 PM Central
Presented by: Sharleen Jahner, RN, BScN, MN, PhD
During this webinar, Sharleen will share insights from her qualitative provincial study. The purpose of her research was to examine what social processes influence how RNs deal with exposure to distressing traumatic events in the context of living and working in the same rural agricultural community overtime. The aims of the study were to describe distressing traumatic events experienced, develop a reflexive understanding of psychological impact of exposure, and construct a substantive theory focusing on distressing traumatic events in the context of rural nursing practice.


International Rural Nursing Conference (IRNC) - Save the Date

July 25-28, 2023 | Carnegie Hotel | Johnson City, Tennessee

GRNEN's World Tour Podcast takes you on a tour of global rural and remote healthcare communities around the globe.

Episode 1: Canada

Judith C. Kulig, BScN, PhD, joins host Samuel Mann to discuss the role of the nurse in Canada, the challenges of the environment, and her proudest moment as a rural nurse.
Listen Now

Episode 2: Australia
Australian healthcare expert Jane Mills talks the challenges building a wellness culture in rural communities, workplace burnout, and the healthcare system in her country.
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Episode 3: East Africa
Dr. Oneko joins Sam on this stop of the World Tour to share the realities of rural healthcare in East Africa and why he's hopeful for the future of the profession.
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Episode 4: The United Kingdom
Keith Whiddon discusses the unique landscape of Bishop's Castle, food insecurities, and how the current climate is impacting the mental health of their community.
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Episode 5: Okinawa
Maki Chinen gives a look at the remote islands of Okinawa, their population and healthcare challenges, and what their nursing education structure is like.
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Episode 6: The United States
Audrey Snyder takes listeners through rural communities of the United States and gives a look into what rural nursing is like in this country.
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Episode 7: New Zealand
Mawera Karetai shares what it is like to live and work in her home country of New Zealand.
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To continue the conversation and learning experience, join each respective country's World Tour Community.

2021-2022 Grant Outcome Presentations

Webinar Archives

On-demand sessions previously recorded from our Subjects That Matter Most series.

Rural Nurse Q&A with Patricia Gilley
Presenter: Patricia 'Trish' Gilley, RN
Trish shares insights on what it is like to be a rural nurse, providing real-life, tangible details on the advantages and challenges of practicing in a rural setting and what it is like to serve the community you live in.

Tertiary Learner Mental Health: The Development of a National Framework
Presenter: Dr. Suzie Bartlett, RN, Dip Comp Nur, MHEd, DPP, Principal Lecturer in the School of Nursing at Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand
Join Dr. Bartlett as she discusses the purpose and methodology behind the creation of her Safe MINDed Mental Health Accreditation framework which opens a space to create national and international positive change in creating a stigma-free culture associated with mental ill-health of learners and to heighten their wellbeing. 

Building Agility & Fostering Posttraumatic Growth in Rural Care Settings
Presenter: Dr. Tim Cunningham, RN, DrPH, FAAN
Learn about ideas, concepts and practices related to fostering well-being for caregivers and their teams, as well as agility tools designed to build professional resilience and foster space for compassion and love.

Global Rural Nurses: Story Telling - Part 1
Global Rural Nurses: Story Telling - Part 2
Facilitated by Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel
Listen as members of the GRNEN community shares their unique stories of inspiration and hope as we explore the challenges of nursing in rural settings.

A Global Rural Collaboration: Student Nurses Engaging with Community Health Assessment Sustainable Education (CHASE) Model to Reduce Health Disparities
Presenters: Jean Ross, RN, BN, PhD, FCNA and Keith Whiddon, B.Ed
This webinar promotes discussion about community development, models and strategies to reduce health disparities among participants.

Public Health Nursing's Role During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Presenter: Audrey Snyder, PhD, ,RN, ACNP
In collaboration with the Rural Nurse Organization (RNO), GRNEN shares this presentation to provide an overview of public health priorities during the pandemic, describe the role of public health nursing leadership in the community, and apply the role of public health nursing to education of the public during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Finding Your Wellbeing PPE (Personal Protective Emotions)
Presenter: Jeffrey Leichter, PhD, LP and Rich Preussler, MA, LPCC
This webinar addresses the impact of COVID-19 on nurses, identifies key elements of well-being and plan for one change in your self-care, and recognizes opportunities for growth in the midst of challenges during COVID-19.